Domestic Assault Lawyers in Brampton

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Domestic Assault? Call a Lawyer in Brampton.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic assault you may feel shocked, overwhelmed, frustrated, or even hopeless. These serious charges can destroy your reputation and affect the way you live your life. Don't let this charge ruin your life—call a domestic assault lawyer at our Brampton office.

How a Charge of Domestic Assault Can Affect You
Canada's courts take domestic violence charges seriously. As a result, domestic assault convictions can carry long-lasting consequences. Depending on the legal severity of the charge, a domestic assault sentence may result in:

  • Probation: If you are sentenced to probation, you will be given a list of limitations on your everyday activities. These may include:
    • Little or no contact with your children
    • No contact with your spouse
    • Requirement to support your dependents
    • Counselling
    • Regular meetings with a probation officer
  • Restitution: Restitution fines will cover the monetary value of your alleged victim's property loss, property damage, and injury costs.
  • Jail time: If convicted, you may be placed under house arrest or remanded to a prison to serve your jail term.

These consequences can rob you of years of your life, your income, or your dignity. A lawyer can help you overcome the charges brought against you.

We Can Help Defend You
If a charge of domestic assault is keeping you from your children, threatening your livelihood, or soiling your reputation, you need legal help. We have represented clients charged with a range of domestic assault charges.

It can be difficult to have an assault charge withdrawn, but there is hope. Consult with one of our lawyers to protect yourself from the consequences of these false charges.

Don't let a false charge haunt you—call today at 111-222-3333. We can assign you a domestic assault lawyer from our Brampton team to develop your defence.